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First Watch

First Watch is a chain of restaurants that serves breakfast and lunch only. They have multiple locations in the US, mainly in the eastern half of the country plus a couple in Arizona. They boast of fresh ingredients and state … Continue reading

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Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar – Orlando, Florida

I was searching for a brunch/breakfast place in downtown Orlando that was both vegan and non-vegan friendly. The Drunken Monkey Coffee Bar seemed to fit that description. It has its own parking lot (a plus in downtown). Upon entering, there … Continue reading

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In The Belly of the Beast – Rolling Stone

I didn’t change my diet due to ethical reasons and this blog is more about the health benefits of a whole foods plant-based diet. However, articles like this one make me aware of the full extent of factory farming and … Continue reading

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Reflect on how nutrition and healthcare issues affect your life

For me this reflection has two aspects: professional and personal. Professionally, I am a physical therapist and have worked at different hospitals in the southern U.S. in acute care for the past 6 years. I entered this profession to help … Continue reading

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The Flying Biscuit Café

I’ve been to a couple Flying Biscuit Café restaurants in the past, but I was pescatarian at the time. This chain has locations in Florida, Georgia (several in Atlanta) and North Carolina. This was my first time there trying to eat plant-strong. … Continue reading

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The Sides Can Be the Star

Sometimes, the side dishes are the only whole-food plant-based options on a restaurant’s menu. So make a meal out of them! Common options are vegetables, beans, baked potatoes, brown rice and house salad. Pick a combo that works for you … Continue reading

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