Atrium at Doral Arrowwood – White Plains, New York

Atrium is located inside the Doral Arrowwood resort. It has a more formal atmosphere, several large floor-to-ceiling windows, and what you might expect from a typical nice large hotel dining room. This isn’t a place I’d choose for eating with small children, but it was lunchtime and the more casual indoor restaurant didn’t open until 2:30. That said, they accommodated us with a high chair for our toddler and even though I had on shorts (I didn’t realize there was a ‘no shorts’ dress code until writing this review and looking at their website).

The main attraction is their buffet, which for an omnivore was definitely the best deal. There were plenty of vegetarian choices on the buffet, but for a lunchtime salad it was more than I wanted to pay. So I chose to order off the A la Carte lunch menu. (Side note: all of the lunch a la carte items at Atrium are on the menu at The Pub as well, although prices vary slightly).  There are a few salads to which you can add a roasted Portobello mushroom (leave off the cheese on the Greek and Atrium salads); Vegetarian Delight (without cheese); and a Veggie Burger.

I had the Kale Salad with the roasted Portobello mushroom. The salad is marinated Tuscan kale, lemon, toasted walnuts, extra virgin olive oil, and pepper flakes (it is not spicy). I have to say, that was the best Portobello mushroom I think I have ever had. Every bite was flavorful; I didn’t know mushrooms could taste that great!


Our waiter was attentive and we received good service. However, when we ordered refills on our drinks he should have informed us that these were not free. At $3 for each soda (and these were not large glasses) we racked up $15 without knowing this was the case until the bill arrived. For that reason, I have to downgrade the service and overall experience scores a bit because it dampened what was otherwise a lovely lunch.

Ratings from a plant-based eating perspective (1-5 scale, 1=Terrible  5=Excellent)

Ambiance: 3        Service: 3             Choices: 5           Taste: 5                Overall: 3.5

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