The Flying Biscuit Café

I’ve been to a couple Flying Biscuit Café restaurants in the past, but I was pescatarian at the time. This chain has locations in Florida, Georgia (several in Atlanta) and North Carolina. This was my first time there trying to eat plant-strong. Every Flying Biscuit I’ve been to has something in common: they are all always busy, especially for brunch! The locations I’ve been to also have outside seating that welcomes dogs. They are casual, the service is friendly and while they have breakfast, lunch and dinner options their claim to fame is breakfast served ALL DAY. One of the promises on their website is to serve healthier options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, which includes whole wheat biscuits! I didn’t know about that option until now so next time I’d order one of those instead of the regular biscuit.

I was at the Gainesville, FL location at lunch time and decided to go for a breakfast option: Scrambled Tofu. It has red & green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and spinach sautéed with tamari-marinated tofu. It’s served with a side of fresh fruit. Now I could have gotten whole wheat toast and really stuck to being plant-based… but I just LOVE biscuits so I splurged and got one. After all, it’s in the restaurant’s name! As I said above, next time I’ll try the whole wheat version.

Scrambled Tofu

Scrambled Tofu

I loved every bite of this meal. Lots of veggies, great mix of fruit and the biscuits are large and fluffy (and worth the diet detour). I’m so happy they offer a breakfast tofu option – it’s pretty easy to do but so many great brunch places still only offer egg-based dishes. One note is that in hindsight, the scramble may have been cooked in butter. Next time I’ll ask and if it is request that it not be.

Some other plant-based entrees on the menu include (must order almost all of these without feta cheese):

  • Roasted Red Pepper Hummus Wrap
  • Devil Burger (may need to hold the smoky jalepeno sauce as well – ask what it’s made out of)
  • Love Cakes: Black bean and cornmeal cakes with tomatillo salsa. (order without sour cream as well)
  • Tofu & Tater Salad
  • Vegan BBQ Burrito
  • Angel Burger

The menu does not state if the veggie burgers are vegan, but after a little research I’ve determined that they ARE. Yay! For a restaurant that isn’t geared towards vegans, I definitely recommend trying a Flying Biscuit Café.

Ratings from a plant-based eating perspective (1-5 scale, 1=Terrible  5=Excellent)

Ambiance: 4        Service: 5             Choices: 4           Taste: 5                Overall: 5

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2 Responses to The Flying Biscuit Café

    • Stacey says:

      It was! Definitely give them a try if you are ever near one.
      I’ll have to go through the recipes on your blog for some plant-based options, I’m always looking for new things to cook.
      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

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