Mellow Mushroom

I’ve eaten at several Mellow Mushroom restaurants in Florida, Arizona and  North Carolina and they all have two things in common: funky atmospheres and great pizza. What makes this pizza chain (yes, they serve other things besides pizza) stand out from the rest are that they have so many options for vegans! Some locations even have a vegan menu (like I-Drive in Orlando) but it’s easy enough to veganize a specialty pizza or create your own. They are mainly in the eastern half of the United States but have a few locations in Colorado, Utah and Arizona as well.

On a recent visit the waitress informed me that all of the pizza crusts at Mellow Mushroom are vegan. For a sauce you can get red sauce or olive oil & garlic. Toppings include Daiya cheese, tempeh, tofu and avocado, plus lots of veggies of course. Here are some of the delicious creations I’ve eaten.

The Mega Veggie (vegan, no olives)

The Mega-Veggie (vegan, no olives)

Mellow mushroom Thai dye

The Thai Dye (vegan with tofu instead of chicken). This may be my favorite!

Mellow mushroom tempeh

A build your own pizza with tempeh, spinach and Daiya cheese.

Other food options include hummus, salads, calzones, hoagies and at some locations (such as International Drive in Orlando) they have veggie burgers. If you’ve tried the Herb Burger let me know how it is!Mellow mushroom veg burger

I highly recommend this restaurant if you’re in the mood for plant-powered pizza! They also have a large beer selection to go with your food.

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