Merzi – Washington D.C.

Merzi, which means Choice, is a counter-serve style restaurant in Washington D.C. Touted in reviews as the “Indian Chipotle”, I was psyched to try it as I love both Chipotle and Indian food.

The first step is to choose your base: basmati rice, naan, extra warm veggies or romaine lettuce. Next you pick your “protein” – or choose more warm vegetables. Then top it with whatever you want.

Since I couldn’t decide I got a Naan bowl topped with rice and vegetables, plus toppings and a mild sauce. It was amazing plus healthy, two of my favorite things!


I also got a vegetable samosa which is stuffed with potatoes and peas. It was pretty good but little too much pastry compared to the filling for me.

Overall this is a great fast food option that is as healthy as you want it to be. I hope they open more locations!

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