Press’d Juice Bar and Kitchen – Winter Garden, Florida

**Update: The Juice Bar has changed its name and location in Winter Garden since my first review. It is now located inside the totally awesome Plant St Market. Think of a food court-like set up but with gourmet offerings, including a microbrewery. There is limited seating countertop style at Press’d. On a nice day you can sit outside and enjoy the lovely scenery and grassy play areas for kids. The atmosphere has definitely improved!

Press’d Juice Bar and Kitchen continues to offer the same selections they did before but have expanded their menu. Check it out here. Please note the food is located in a glass case grab and go style, so check to see if they have the item you want. One day I was there, their special was vegan chili, just like their old location. For daily specials see their Facebook page.
I had so much delicious and healthy food (I did share it, don’t judge me!).

You are looking at the avocado, spinach and mango smoothie with agave (may choose honey if you prefer) and chocolate chia pudding. Neither of these are very sweet, so keep that in mind – you know your taste buds. I personally enjoyed them as I don’t like super sweet stuff. The smoothie was creamy and the chocolate rich but not overpowering.

The best was the Tu No Salad wrap. Oh wow, delicious! My 2 year old agreed with me too. Sunflower seeds, almonds and kelp are some of the ingredients that make this wrap reminiscent of a tuna salad sandwich but without the tuna. As the name of the restaurant suggests, you can get the wraps pressed if you have the time. I did 👍

If you do want a dessert and love chocolate, I also highly recommend the brownie bites. They are super rich (don’t plan to eat them all at once) and contain no added sugar – the ingredients are right on the container, I love that!

GO to this juice bar! Now! Seriously, I think I’m going back next week 😄

Haha, I did go back! These are the vegan nachos. The vegan chili on top is a little spicy even without adding jalapeños and very good! The “cheese” has eggplant in it. It may not look the best, but I really liked it and will get it again.

And this is the Kale “Caesar” Salad, topped with vegan Parmesan cheese and garbanzo beans instead of croutons. A great light option.


**Original Review, old location

I was trying to decide where to eat while walking through the town of Winter Garden on a chilly day by central Florida standards and saw a sign for The Juice Bar, that listed daily specials including a vegan chili. This seemed like fate, so I turned off onto the side street to pursue my next dining adventure.

Walking to The Juice Bar

Walking to The Juice Bar

The Juice Bar is less of a restaurant than almost an indoor food truck. There is no seating inside, only two small cafe tables outside. Inside is a counter for ordering a custom juice, smoothie or wheatgrass shot and a case featuring several ready made cold pressed juices, salads, wraps, snacks (kale chips, almonds and blueberries) and raw desserts (chocolate, cookies and peanut butter cups) to go. There was also a crockpot full of the vegan chili I came for. The soup (or chili in this case) and salad change daily.

I wasn’t sure of the protocol for ordering/getting my food and the cashier/juicer/smoothie maker was very friendly and told me about everything they sell. Their almond milk is homemade and replaces any dairy. The raw chocolate is made with cacao powder and I got to sample a small piece of the chocolate with raspberry. It is a little bitter due to the purer chocolate content and lack of dairy, but still good for satisfying a chocolate craving and great in that you avoid animal products. Everything in the case or in the crockpot is self-serve. The cold pressed juices are their specialty, but since it was cold outside and I was hungry I just wanted food.

Obviously, I got the vegan chili and you can add ground black pepper or Himalayan pink sea salt to suit your taste buds. It was a hearty blend of pinto and kidney beans with soy crumbles and only mildly spicy. However, I decided to get a wrap as well (I said I was hungry). My choices were the Eggless Egg Salad, Hummus, Not So Tuna Salad or Curried Quinoa. I chose the hummus wrap, which had hummus, avocado, alfalfa sprouts, red pepper, cucumber, celery, salt and pepper.

Hummus Wrap and Vegan Chili

Hummus Wrap and Vegan Chili

Overall this is good, plant-based food – and healthy! My husband got the chili too and it didn’t last long. Often, The Juice Bar’s featured soup does not have soy in it either, so check their Facebook page for the soup of the day if you want to avoid processed soy. We sat outside to eat, but this is really a take-away place.

Ratings from a plant-based eating perspective (1-5 scale, 1=Terrible  5=Excellent)

Ambiance: 4        Service: 3             Choices: 5           Taste: 5                Overall: 5

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