The Mayan Grill Food Truck and Windermere Family Food Truck Night – Orlando, Florida

Every fourth Friday the town of Windermere has Family Food Truck Night. They post the food truck line up in advance on their Facebook page, so you can see if your favorites are coming. Having never eaten from a food truck in Orlando, the names didn’t mean much to me. I started to look them up in advance to see their menus, but it got tiresome and I wanted to go to the event anyway so I decided to see what there was to eat once we got there.

This event was packed! The crowd energy was great and kid-friendly. If you go, bring your own chairs. There is a wine shop nearby where you can purchase some adult beverages if you like. I do wish there had been some music playing though, even if it was a DJ.

Windermere Food Truck Friday

Windermere Food Truck Friday

When it came to finding vegan food, I was almost out of luck. There were several vegetarian options featuring lots of cheese. Just when I thought I’d have to see if the mexican food truck would make me a burrito without cheese, I spotted the Mayan Grill.

Mayan Food Truck (3)

The Mayan Grill Food Truck makes central American cuisine and was the only truck to boast of having a vegan option. This was something called a Pupusa, which I’d never even heard of before. They are corn tortillas with a filling, traditionally meat, cheese and refried beans. You get your choice of three fillings. I chose spinach, mushrooms and eggplant. The pupusa is topped with a pickled cabbage slaw and you can add their homemade tomato sauce.

Mayan Food Truck (1)

I admire that the Mayan Grill had something vegan and healthy to offer. However… the pupusa was terrible. The pupusa itself had no taste, I didn’t like the cabbage and the tomato sauce was bland as well. I ended up throwing half of it away. I just cannot recommend this to anyone.

I hope the Windermere Food Truck event gets some trucks in the future that offer tasty vegan cuisine.

Ratings from a plant-based eating perspective (1-5 scale, 1=Terrible  5=Excellent)

Ambiance: N/A        Service: 3             Choices: 3           Taste: 1                Overall: 1

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