Poppycock’s – Traverse City, Michigan

Located in downtown Traverse City, Poppycock’s describes its cuisine as “new American”. The restaurant has a nice interior and there is an area for jazz musicians who play on some nights of the week.

The menu has a legend marking items vegetarian (V), vegan (VG) and/or gluten free (GF). This is great and gives you a rest from wondering or having to ask how something is prepared.

There are a couple vegan appetizers and salads: the veggie tostadas, sweet potato fries and the warm mushroom artichoke salad. There is a vegetarian section on the menu but only one entree on the menu is vegan, the Mango Curry. Fortunately, it was very good! It has an Indian flavor and is spicy – have your water ready!

Mango Curry - spicy!

Mango Curry – spicy!

I tried someone else’s sweet potato fries (I know these were vegan thanks to the menu) and they were also tasty and not at all greasy.

Someone else in my group got one of the specials that night, an eggplant dish. I didn’t try it and it was prepared with cheese, but without the cheese it may have been vegan – you would have to ask.

Eggplant Special

Eggplant Special

The menu caters to a variety of diets which would be great for a large group. This of course is assuming as a vegan you like either the mushroom artichoke salad or mango curry 🙂 Having one or two more vegan entree options would be nice. I love that the menu states if an item is vegan without you having to ask. It has an upbeat, comfortable atmosphere and would be a nice place to have a drink and listen to some live music. When the music starts, like any place with live music, it may not the be the best place for an intimate dinner conversation.

Ratings from a plant-based eating perspective (1-5 scale, 1=Terrible  5=Excellent)

Ambiance: 4        Service: 4             Choices: 2           Taste: 5                Overall: 4

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