Allergen Guides

If the menu item doesn’t specifically say that it’s vegan, it may not be. Restaurants love to sneak butter and eggs into their dishes (see my post about Macaroni Grill). A good way to check that what you’re getting really is vegan is to enquire about the allergen information for an item. Many chain restaurants will have a document available with this information on their website, either listing out each item and what allergens it has or via an allergen menu. The allergen menu is split up by allergen categories (such as eggs) and all the menu choices available that do not contain that allergen (in this case eggs) are listed.

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3 Responses to Allergen Guides

  1. This is a great suggestion! I ate off the vegetarian menu at a local Chinese restaurant for months before I realized everything was cooked with chicken broth. I’ve learned to ask, but I’ve never thought about requesting allergen info. Celeste:)

    • Stacey says:

      Glad to give you another idea Celeste! Let me know if it comes in handy when you eat out sometime. And chicken broth, that’s another sneaky ingredient I’ll have to watch out for.

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