Romano’s Macaroni Grill

Every month the ladies I work with do a Girls Night Out at a different restaurant. This week we went to Macaroni Grill in Gainesville, FL. Learning a lesson from my Ale House experience, I decided to check this menu out online before going to the restaurant. I sure am glad I did! Macaroni Grill has a nice feature where they detail the allergen information for each menu item. This was an eye opener. The whole wheat fettuccine has egg in it. The roasted eggplant has dairy, as do caramelized onions (most likely butter). I would have totally ordered some eggplant! After carefully looking everything over, the best option was to build my own pasta. I chose the capellini pasta with pomodoro sauce and for my toppings sun-dried tomatoes, roasted mushrooms, broccolini, and cannellini beans. You’re supposed to only get 3 toppings so my extra one cost another $2.50. With some fresh pepper on top I had a really wonderful meal, plus enough for lunch the next day. I also ate plenty of their peasant bread, which I absolutely LOVE. I was so happy to learn it is vegan.

My build your own pasta creation

My build your own pasta creation

This dining experience was an eye opener for me as to how animal products can be hiding in seemingly vegan foods at a restaurant. I doubt I’ll always be able to figure it out unless the menu specifically states the item is vegan, but at least by trying I can minimize my intake. Ah, the challenge of dining out!

Ratings from a plant-based eating perspective (1-5 scale, 1=Terrible  5=Excellent)

Ambiance: 4        Service: 5             Choices: 2           Taste: 5                Overall: 4

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2 Responses to Romano’s Macaroni Grill

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  2. Stacey says:

    I ate here again with a very large party (about 20) and again had great food and wonderful service. The pasta tasted so fresh!

    Go easy on the table dipping oil for the bread or your calories will start to add up 🙂

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