The Jazz Corner – Hilton Head, South Carolina

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Hubby and I are always up to try new things and neither of us had ever been to a jazz club before. We also decided that since the TripAdvisor #2 rated restaurant in Hilton Head had been such a success (Vine), we ought to go see what #1 was all about.

I made a reservation at The Jazz Corner for a Tuesday night and I was glad I did since on Monday the website said the venue was sold out for the entire week. We chose to dress up (well, I chose for us to dress up) but it certainly wasn’t necessary. The restaurant is literally in a corner of a strip mall and looks like nothing special from the outside. Then you walk inside and you are taken to a different location. The place is intimate and dark with a stage being the focal point of the room. We were taken right to our table up in front of the stage. The musicians played two sets, the first at 8:00 pm and the second began at 9:30 pm. The music was fantastic. The owner, Bob, is also one of the musicians and he walked around to each table to speak with customers during the evening. You can tell how passionate he is about jazz.

The menu appears to vary since the one we had at dinner is different from the menu on the website. There is lots of meat on this menu but I did have a very tasty vegetarian dinner, although probably not so healthy. I started with a very good Caprese Salad. For the main course I had cheese stuffed ravioli over roasted vegetables. It’s hard to eat healthy and vegetarian here but the splurge is worth the amazing music and atmosphere. I would say The Jazz Corner has earned it’s top spot in the restaurant rankings for both taste and entertainment, but if you really want to stick to no dairy you’re going to have trouble here.

Ratings from a plant-based eating perspective (1-5 scale, 1=Terrible  5=Excellent)

Ambiance: 5         Service: 5             Choices: 1            Taste: 5               Overall: 4

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